Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation

Based upon our know how in the field of nanotechnology, we have developed a new multi functional coating for glass surfaces that are exposed

to high levels of dust. The coating NG 1314/D is reducing dry dust buildup on glass, and at the same time provides scratch resistance ,and easy to clean properties.

The target markets are buildings and constructions, solar panels and solar mirrors, and automotive, military and mining applications.


The accumulation of dirt on solar panels has a impact on the performance of solar power systems and solar mirrors. Dust can reduce the

power efficiency  by up to  10 % . Even a light dust layer can lead to a reduction of 3 - 5 % .

Sandstorms frequently stirring up clouds of dust that can travel across China, to South Korea and Japan and even as far as the United States. Dusts storms are also

common in North Africa , North America and Australia. Due to climate change, mining and other human activities dust appearance will become more frequent.

Dust accumulation on windows and facades, not only makes the buildings look dull, but can be damaging as well. In many locations rain can remove such buildups,

but in many countries, there is little rain in dry seasons and cleaning with brushes and water can be time consuming and can create wear and tear and stress to the glass surface.

In addition, minerals in the dust  can react with substrates like concrete and metals and create ugly and stubborn  run down marks on unprotected glass.

Product benefit
  • Droplet formation during rinse , easy to clean effect.

  • Reduced dust accumulation on glass.

  • Easier to collect water (recycling ) no sheeting.

  • Water runs down  takes dirt with it , Self Cleaning Effect.

  • Chemical free cleaning possible.

  • High scratch resistance - dry cleaning of dusty surfaces possible.

  • Drastically reduced “micro scratching” and wear and tear.

  • Cost effective, highest  coverage rate in the industry.


    Based on the need for functional solutions , Nanovations has developed an ultra thin coating for glass that accumulates significant less dry dust than untreated glass.

    Nanovations NG 1314 /D is the first coating for external glass  that reduces dust accumulates by up to 90 % as shown in tests..

    This new technology does not use polymer or surfactants and therefore is significant more robust and wear resistant..

    Due to the inorganic composition, the product is  high UV resistance and can last up to 10 to 15 years , depending location and wear and tear.


    dust on solar panel   

    Half coated solar panel                                                             Image of a dust covered building                                 Reduced dry dust accumulation Video



    Less dust on solar panels means less maintenance and higher overall energy production.  On a building the coating protects the glass and the appearance and it

    reduces cleaning cycles. NG 1314 /D has a outstanding hardness of 6H. It is possible for example, to clean protected glass hundreds or thousands of time more often,

    without leaving micro scratches. than a unprotected surface. NG 1314 /D creates a strong hydrophobic effect. Once water comes in contact with the surface the water

    droplets pickup the dust and dirt remaining can be washed away in seconds.  Only little water is required to do so.

    On buildings cleaning can be done faster and rain can help to reduce cleaning cycles and maintenance costs.



    water repellent on dust    

    Water droplets clean up dust                                                                       Video demo        

    Product technical properties

  • Outstanding hardness

  • Water repellent, very low roll off angle..

  • Easy to clean effect..

  • Fast cross linking with the substrate.

  • Improved scratch resistance

  • High durability, long lasting

  • invisible, ultra thin

  • Nano structured,,

  • Can be applied over ARC on Solar panels - send us your glass for a trial !!

  • Cost effective, highest  coverage rate in the industry

  • Up to 4 x more abrasion resistant than any other product on the market..

  • Inorganic self assembling. High UV resistance ))

  • Easy dry cleaning/ dusting , low dust attraction..

  • Transparent , high transmission





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